Natural Swimming Pools

Natural Swimming Pools are an organic alternative to chlorine pools. Chemically-treated chlorine pool water is dead, poisoned water, intentionally made that way to create the artificial look people have come to associate with swimming pool water.

If the odour of a heavily chlorinated pool doesn’t convince you it’s not the ideal environment, red, burning, irritated eyes, and dried-out skin and hair should help to make the case for a better, natural way.

Natural Swimming Pools recreate the symbiotic relationship between plants and water by aerating and circulating the water as it flows in nature. We harness the natural filtration properties of aquatic plants and produce water that is, in essence, your very own lake in your backyard, natural enough to sustain fish if so desired.

Classic Natural Swimming Pools - Attached Regeneration Area

Classic Natural Swimming Pools have an attached regeneration area that is one body of water, with a separated subsurface that includes a deep swimming area and a shallow area containing plants that filter the pool water.
This is the most natural-looking option, constructed to reflect nature in every aspect of its design.

Natural Swimming Pools - Separated Regeneration Zone

If the cleaner lines associated with a chemical pool appeal to you, the regeneration zone can be a completely separate entity from the main swimming pool.
Water is piped from the main swimming area, filtered through the regeneration area and returned, usually via a waterfall feature. This feature, in turn, aerates the water to achieve the symbiotic relationship needed, while maintaining the aesthetic of a chemical pool.
The regeneration area can be incorporated into the landscaping of your outdoor space, laid out as a simple pond-like area, or as a series of borders connected via streams and water features surrounding your living space. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

Retrofitting Chemical Swimming Pools

Turning a chemical swimming pool into a Natural Swimming Pool can be a relatively easy, low-cost option if the pool is in good condition. Existing pools can be subdivided to provide for a planted regeneration zone within the existing pool boundaries, or expanded by incorporating a pond liner which extends the area of the pool and adds an attached regeneration zone.

Another option is to incorporate the separate regeneration zone method, where water is moved to a separate pond area via underground pipe, filtered via plants, then returned to the swimming area. This can also incorporate a vegetable garden via aquaponics, if so desired.

Endless Pools

We’ve partnered with Endless Pools to bring the training capacity of a full-sized swimming pool to a minimalist natural pool. No more commuting, no crowds, no heavy chlorine. Just your own private pool, where you can swim, exercise, or unwind with a broad, deep current that is adjustable to any speed, stroke, or ability.

Endless Pools are mounted under a deck that overhangs the edge of the Natural Swimming Pool, and generate a continuous current that can be used for swim training, rehabilitation exercises, kayak training, etc.

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