Where your green space comes together with wood, stone and water to bring you a natural break from our increasing digital lives.

Yoga Space

Covered, open, or both, centre yourself surrounded by the soothing sound of flowing water.


Custom-built traditional, infa-red, or barrel sauna, we integrate it seamlessly into your vision for your dream space. Saunas can be designed with hot yoga in mind, and, when combined with a natural plunge pool, outdoor shower and cedar hot tub, provides a complete backyard spa experience.

Hot Tub

Freestanding, built-in, heated by wood or electricity with fresh or saltwater, hot tubs are a natural alternative to the chemical mix of a traditional jacuzzi. Nothing completes the backyard spa experience better than a refreshing rinse under your custom outdoor shower.

Outdoor Shower

Revitalizing and refreshing, an outdoor shower is an essential addition to any natural pool area. Whether you're washing the stress of the day away before entering your oasis, revitalizing after a luxurious soak in your tub, or rinsing the toxins off after a good sweat in your sauna, we embrace the natural feeling of being outside in the rain, as our ancestors did.

Outdoor Kitchens

The sharing of food and fire are the first things that brought humans together. There is something magical about looking into a fire surrounded by friends and loved ones. Incorporating a beautiful outdoor kitchen is the ultimate finish to your backyard paradise. Whether that means a wood-fired pizza oven, sunken fire pit, or complete outdoor grill and range, we want to make your vision a reality.

Pergolas & Solariums

Whether shade from the sun, shelter from the rain, or warming from the chill, we've got you covered.